Life, after school, as I see it.

As a guy in Nigeria, just done with the NYSC (after school, yes), I’m a bit disappointed in the way the “older ones” dem it fit to prepare us For life after school.

It’s completely antiquated! I’ll share here a few of the lines I’ve familiarized myself with:

“Just get a good result, and you’ll be fine :-)”
“Finish school, get a job, get married, have kids”
“If you don’t get good grades, you’ll be a failure in life”

Here’s the thing…there’s a lot more to life in general than what we’re supposedly “taught” at school, and must parents aren’t sharing these very important truths….and experiences.

I’ll be sharing mine from time to time via this blog space…As a record for moi, and as a means of reaching out to others with similar experiences or challenges.

I hope this works.

See you/me at the next post, and cheers.


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