Life as an adult 0.1

Finding a balance between so many things in life has never been so difficult. In a country where your parents still kiiiinda wanna make decisions for you as an adult, coupled with the whole “Now you have a job, you can SAVE to go back for some more school”, it gets pretty exasperating. I pray for wisdom. There is a resolve.

My newish job is still quite tedious. From terminating ethernet cabling, to changing printer cartridges, to telling everyone “the internet is slow”, its been not so bad. I hope for better though, like more engagement, or formal projects to participate in. Being a construction firm, priority isn’t really given to my department, hence, we remain.

All in all, I find more reasons to be happy. Jevi is so much fun to live with, among other super awesome things :). We do a lot together, and we’re working hard to make sure life gets better for us both as the days go by.

Hope remains. All will be well.