Rethinking IT in Nigeria 1.0

Don’t think of IT in terms of technology. Doing that makes it a matter of buying technology, as opposed to putting it to use.

Think of it in terms of functionality. For example: Instead of thinking, ‘Big Data’, why don’t we start with just ‘data’. Here’s an example:

  1. CCTV cameras at traffic light intersections.
  2. A hub with hardware to store and analyse traffic footage.
  3. A power supply station to make sure these installed systems work.
  4. The right software to run the entire thing.
  5. Let’s not forget, professionals and trainees to do the actual running.

That’s just an example. There’s so much more.

I think of what can be done, or what needs to be done, and I work upwards from there. That way, its never about big expenses and technology we cannot appreciate. It becomes an effort to build from a properly set foundation, and if there’s none, build one.


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