Rethinking IT in Nigeria 1.0

Don’t think of IT in terms of technology. Doing that makes it a matter of buying technology, as opposed to putting it to use.

Think of it in terms of functionality. For example: Instead of thinking, ‘Big Data’, why don’t we start with just ‘data’. Here’s an example:

  1. CCTV cameras at traffic light intersections.
  2. A hub with hardware to store and analyse traffic footage.
  3. A power supply station to make sure these installed systems work.
  4. The right software to run the entire thing.
  5. Let’s not forget, professionals and trainees to do the actual running.

That’s just an example. There’s so much more.

I think of what can be done, or what needs to be done, and I work upwards from there. That way, its never about big expenses and technology we cannot appreciate. It becomes an effort to build from a properly set foundation, and if there’s none, build one.


A re-introduction.

Steve Harvey smiling


I am Amechi Eze Charles.

I am not Steve Harvey. He’s cool though.

I am the following things….in no particular order;

African, problem solver, husband, father e.t.c.

I’m also very adept at solving challenges and creating opportunities using information technology tools.

There’s a lot more, but I’d rather not bore myself…or anyone reading this.

This is a channel through which I give some of my thoughts life as words.

I hope they resonate.

If they don’t, then I don’t care what you think. Go read someone else’s blog.

Cheers 🙂

Nigerian business power struggles.

Power lines

I’m honestly fed up with how everyone talks and lamentations about power issues in my country.

Here’s a different approach; I want to make it a personal challenge…not for Nigeria, or Africa, mind you. Just for me and mine.

Here goes.


Power cuts since before I was born. Poor electricity distribution and generation. No data-driven improvements to the power sector, and the “common man’s” apathy as icing on the cake.

The Solution:

A hybrid energy generating grid consisting of solar, geothermal, wind and a backup diesel/petrol/gas/bio-fuel generator.

How achievable is this as a 10 year project? Is it too expensive for one man to achieve? I do not believe so.

Watch this space for progress reports. And wish me luck.


Yes, I’m here. I never left.


I’ll do my best to keep it concise 🙂

This was me then:

15 - 6

Yes, mid 20’s and already with worry lines.

This, however, is me, or US, now:



Yup. Moi, left, Amy, in the middle, and Jevi, on the right.

They are my life.

So much has happened in between.

I’ve got so much to tell you.

Can’t say it all right now though.

So stay tuned 🙂

Hope ain’t dead yet.

Life as an adult 0.1

Finding a balance between so many things in life has never been so difficult. In a country where your parents still kiiiinda wanna make decisions for you as an adult, coupled with the whole “Now you have a job, you can SAVE to go back for some more school”, it gets pretty exasperating. I pray for wisdom. There is a resolve.

My newish job is still quite tedious. From terminating ethernet cabling, to changing printer cartridges, to telling everyone “the internet is slow”, its been not so bad. I hope for better though, like more engagement, or formal projects to participate in. Being a construction firm, priority isn’t really given to my department, hence, we remain.

All in all, I find more reasons to be happy. Jevi is so much fun to live with, among other super awesome things :). We do a lot together, and we’re working hard to make sure life gets better for us both as the days go by.

Hope remains. All will be well.

Starting afresh…

Holidays are done. The new year is in. New job seems good. New clothes required. It seems like there’s so much to learn still. I hope I can keep up with the ever growing information stream I have to process….or find ways to dumb it down. I’m sure the path ahead will present itself, and Godwilling, I’ll be able to keep on it.

Lunch break over….signing off.

Starting afresh…

I just moved to a new apartment. Manageable space, for now. Plumbing not so good (manageable too), power supply pretty much the usual (intermittent). It’s a welcome change from communal living though, and I’m thankful to God for meeting me at my point of need.

On a very positive note, my lady’s moved in with me :-). She makes the house a home. I’d never have done it this good without her. Talk about multiple blessings.

The Yule tide is in, and I’ll be spending it here in the port city. Job commences in 2014, and I hope it helps us move forward with our dreams and aspirations.

Gotta go have lunch now. Signing off.